Teius is a small town of approximately 7,000 people in Alba County

Our work here started at Christmas 1995, and is mostly directed through a local charity registered in Romania: Fundatia Emanuel Betania - established February 2003.

We support daily and weekly activities: homework club, painting club, guitar club, violin club and a project helping mentally handicapped children.

We sponsor a summer holiday camp and support a Christmas shoebox program at the kindergarten and school.

We have provided a lot of food, second hand computers, musical instruments, childrens clothing, and carried out visiting within the local orphanages.

We have sponsored the junior football team 'Teius Rapid' in the Alba County League.

We send second-hand men's shoes and clothes to the large jail in nearby Aiud.

We have sent medical dressings to the hospital and a local doctor in Aiud.

Teius is the main destination for our financial aid.

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Key to map below: Red diamond = Major Town, Yellow star = Orphanage that we have supported by visiting, Green star = other location that we have supported.