Cornesti is a large village in the Community of Adamus, near the town of Tarnaveni, in Mures County.

Our work here started at Christmas 1996, and is directed through the Rusu family, who attend the Golgota Pentecostal Church. We support an annual summer holiday camp and Christmas presents for the children.

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Limited financial support of Mission and Church Planting in neighbouring villages.

Financial support of students attending university - as employment opportunities in this rural location are almost non-existant.

A Summer holiday club in Sona, and a monthly children's program, led by the students that we sponsor.

From 2006 to 2019 we sponsored an annual summer camp, and Christmas presents, for children from Cornesti.

From 2014 to 2021 we supported schools in Adamus, Cornesti, Sanmiclaus and Sona with new clothing. Also the 'Home of Love and Mercy' Day Centre working with poor children in Targu-Mures. Unfortunately Brexit killed this project after the UK left the EU Customs Union, and we became liable for 31% import tax on clothing.